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I have had the pleasure of working with S.O.S. Physio Clinic. They have been most capable in treating patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. They are very pleasant, accessible, prompt and professional at all times.

Dr. Doris Steg

I was very lucky to see one of the therapists at S.O.S. Physio Clinic, at a time when I injured my back and could hardly move because of the pain. The clinic was able to give me appointments at my convenience, and I improved dramatically in no time. The therapist was very conscientious and sensitive to my needs. All the exercises were very well explained and taught so that I was able to do them properly at home, after the therapy was over.
All the staff at S.O.S. Physio is polite, kind and professional at all times.
I highly recommend using S.O.S. Physio as your clinic for any musculoskeletal problems that you might have.

Beverly Engelberg


I would like to thank the S.O.S. Physio team for the excellent work they have provided me. I came with a painful back and I could not lift a thing, thanks to weekly Physio and regular exercise hat they provided me with, now I can lift things. I still go to this day for regular posture and massage.



Thank goodness, I found S.O.S. Physio to relieve my lower back ache. Between the physiotherapy and the massage therapy, the combination was just what the doctor prescribed. In my line of business, as a Real Estate Agent Im always on the go and I need all the help I can get.
I cannot thank them enough.

Anita Benabou (Rozenblat)
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