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Good Posture is good health. A person can be physically fit by keeping a good posture. This will also permit the person to do activities without stress or fatigue.
Unfortunately most people do not know how to maintain and achieve good posture. This is why; SOS Global Health Services is committed to helping you evaluate your posture and giving you the right advice to improve it. Everybody is able to improve their posture at work or at home, and maintain a fitness program which includes exercises to achieve good posture.

The Postural Evaluation is done by a physiotherapist. It takes between 20 to 30 minutes and involves getting a medical history of the employee and any recent complaint that he or she might have presently. Then the evaluation continues by evaluating his or her posture.

The concept behind the postural evaluation at the workplace is to check a person’s posture to actually evaluate the body as a whole. A good posture is achieved when the multiple muscle chains in the body are in balance. The muscles of the body have to work together and in harmony to maintain the joints in neutral and produce the least amount of stress possible. This balance in the body will permit the person to be in shape and prevent common injuries like: tendonitis or bursitis of the shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist, tenosynovitis of the thumb, and of course chronic or acute back pain.

Every employee interested in the postural evaluation, will have to schedule an appointment and to fill out the medical questionnaire found on this page. Once the employee’s information and medical questionnaire received, the therapist can then get familiarized with the preliminary information, and then be able to target the needs of the employee. The actual evaluation can consist of 2 parts; one is some more history taking and then the actual evaluation. Once the therapist analyses all the information, he can then advise the employee of valuable information to maintain or improve good posture, and even have time to show some simple exercises to do at the office or at home.

A couple of weeks later, the therapist follows up with the employee to see if the exercises and advice helped in their everyday activities at work or at home. If needed, the employee can decide if he needs therapy, physiotherapy or massage therapy, at the office or at one of our convenient clinical locations.

Postural Evaluation Program:

There are two ways the postural evaluation can be done.

Plan A – Sponsored by the employer:

A program implemented by the employer, to give a postural evaluation to each employee in the company, the cost being paid by the company. This program can be part of a health awareness week or month, which will permit the employees to have a better knowledge of their posture at work and preventive measures that they can take to make sure not to develop muscle pain or conditions in the future.

The Employer’s Benefits of this program are:

• Decrease common stress symptoms, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis.
• Decrease the number of sick days
• Gives a feeling of wellness to the employee, thus increasing their productivity

Plan B – Sponsored by the employee

The second is sponsored by the employee, where each individual employee decides to have a postural evaluation at their office or workspace, on their break time, and will pay the cost. The employee can claim the cost of the evaluation on their private medical insurance, under physiotherapy.

The Employee’s Benefits of this program are:

• Decrease muscle tension and pain
• Decrease possible repetitive stress injuries
• Improve posture, thus decreasing neck and back problems
• Give a sense of self awareness of the body and its position at work

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