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Physiotherapy is a health discipline that deals with evaluations and treatments of musculo-squeletal conditions: bones, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Our physiotherapists use techniques to improve the joints movements, the muscular strength, the coordination and even balance. Our team of therapists always takes the time to do a thorough evaluation upon first consultation and then start a treatment that is discussed with you and adapted to your problem and specific needs.

You deserve the best service and care and that is why we work differently than other clinics. The therapist will spend the entire time of the session with you in a private office which will permit confidentiality and the best possible care.

Our concept is also to have a follow up done after your sessions with us. After your problem is dealt with in the best possible way, and that you leave the clinic feeling much better, we will follow up with you to make sure that the home program given to you by the therapist is helping and that you have no difficulty doing it. A home program after physiotherapy treatments is very important for prevention and to avoid recurrences.

In our physiotherapy department, we use different techniques, such as: the conventional approach with the modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound, tens machine and interferential machine. All our therapists will use hands on techniques, also called manual techniques or therapy and some osteopathic techniques. We also have therapists specializing in postural techniques or postural re-education that is very helpful to a majority of our patients. Of course, we also show and explain to you different exercises for increasing movement at the joints and improving strength, coordination and balance.

The length of time for the first consultation is usually one hour, which includes an evaluation and a beginning of a treatment. The subsequent sessions in physiotherapy can be 30 minutes or 1 hour in length depending on the therapistís findings and yourself.

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