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Tips on Posture
Some tips and reminders to have good posture:
1. Do not have too much excess weight: it will create an imbalance in your body, pulling on your back and putting stress on your joints.
2. Implement an exercise program to maintain good posture.
3. Sleep on a firm mattress to support your body and keep a good posture even at night.
4. Be more self aware of your body by getting a postural evaluation and getting informed about good posture.
5. Check your work space to make sure your desk, chair and computer are all ergonomically positioned.
These five tips can help you start a little routine about maintaining and achieving good posture. You can read more about posture in our newsletter.

Improve your posture and stay fit!

S.O.S. Physio

A very common question coming from my clients, is when do we apply ice and when do we apply heat after an injury?

ICE will decrease the blood flow at the site of application, decrease the muscle spasms, decrease the pain and will bring a temporary stiffness.

HEAT on the other hand, will increase blood flow, decrease muscle spasms, increase the flexibility of the tissues and decrease the pain.

After an injury, for example a sprained ankle or a muscle strain with a bad movement or with a repetitive movement during a prolonged period of time, will bring immediate pain and inflammation will start at the sight of the injury. It is then very important to treat the area as soon as possible to minimize the amount of swelling and the quantity and intensity of the pain.

This phase is the ACUTE phase, and lasts between 4 to 7 days, which varies according to the gravity of the injury. During this period which is very painful and irritable it is always recommended to use ICE. In general, the rule is to put ice 10 minutes at a time every 2 hours or for a minimum of 3 x a day. As soon as the acute phase disappears, the body will start the HEALING phase and so the inflammation (which caused a lot of the pain) will disappear. At that time, you can apply HEAT, especially if the pain persists and muscles spasms or stiffness is present.

One big mistake people make is to put heat at the time of the injury without knowing if the inflammation has started. Heat will unfortunately increase the inflammation and can lengthen the acute phase which will in turn delay the healing phase. The pain will also persist and will become pretty strong one hour after the application of heat.

Heat can be used after a physical workout and when the muscles are soar and stiff or less flexible. A warm bath, for example will help decrease the muscle tension and soarness.

To wrap up, if you are in doubt whether there is inflammation or not after an injury, always apply ice because it will decrease your pain and inflammation if present. If the ice does not work and the symptoms persist and do not decrease whatsoever, I advise to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist.

S.O.S. Physio