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S.O.S. Global Health Services is one of Montreal's leading alternative health providers. First established in 2000, our clinics have been providing care for Montreal residents as well as several large companies in conjunction with their occupational health departments. We have built an excellent reputation for providing High Quality Care and Treatment for People of all Ages and Lifestyles including Sports Injuries in a personalized and caring atmosphere.

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SOS Health Tips
  • Ice or Heat
    A very common question coming from my clients, is when do we apply ice and when do we apply heat after an injury? ICE will decrease the blood flow at the site of application, decrease the muscle spasms, decrease the pain and will bring a temporary stiffness.
  • HEAT on the other hand, will increase blood flow, decrease muscle spasms, increase the flexibility of the tissues and decrease the pain.
  • After an injury, for example a sprained ankle or a muscle strain with a bad movement or with a repetitive movement during a prolonged period of time, will bring immediate pain and inflammation will start at the sight of the injury.
  • This phase is the ACUTE phase, and lasts between 4 to 7 days, which varies according to the gravity of the injury. During this period which is very painful and irritable it is always recommended to use ICE. Read more...